Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Septic Flesh -The Vampire from Nazareth (single) [2010]

Fans waiting for a new album are always anxious and hungry, which is well known to all the bands. So, while Septic Flesh is occupied with finishing a successor of Communion, the fans are gifted with Christmas-snack, a single The Vampire from Nazareth.

I must admit I’m into it, totally. There are so many elements involved, all the instruments, choirs, male and female vocals, growls, that it’d be easy to overdose and just kill the listener. But Septic Flesh manages to control it all with its magic wand.

The song starts slowly with ethereal female vocal which reminds me a lot of the great pieces Preisner wrote for KieĊ›lowski films. This motive appears a few more times, but in the meantime we come to the regular part of song with impressive growl and amazing energy of riffs and drums. Around the second minute the rhythm becomes irregular in a nice, making-you-belly-dance way. The third minute brings choirs and some dreamy yet powerful instrumental.

The whole song has an “epic”, kind of cinema-like atmosphere and with all its carefulness for details it is yet full of emotion and passion. I can’t wait for the real album!

Recommended to all "good metal" fans=)

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