Thursday, 17 February 2011

Isis - Sawblade [1999]

Put your headphones on. Open the door and leave. Give yourself 30 minutes of walk with Isis. Let the Sawblade pierce your soul and help you lose sense of burdening reality – for a moment at least.

Emission of the Signal is indeed a cutting blade. The growing pressure and metallic distortion opens your head. Somebody wants to check your brain?

Streetcleaner (Godflesh cover) follows this impression with a very aggressive, pessimistic sound. To me it resembles urban night atmosphere – lights, cars, modernity mixed with omnipresent danger, fear, disgust. Filth and dirt surrounding you. Now, they hammer your head and take all thoughts out.

Hand of Doom – they feed you with psychedelic pills. Welcome to the bluesy-stoner drive originally coming from Black Sabbath. Weird how covers of this band may be so awesome every time.

House of Low Culture. Yes, the earth lacks culture. Suddenly you're all alone. The city is dirty, sad, almost abandoned. The snow is coming down and you hear a train coming. You can’t move and it passes, while you’re still waiting in a mental coma. Isis that we knew it till the end.

Time to get back home. Switch off.

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  1. A ja poproszę recenzję jakiejkolwiek płyty Devendry! *_*