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Luxtorpeda - Luxtorpeda [2011]

Luxtorpeda was one of the most famous polish trains (120 per hour in 1930s!), but a couple of months ago a certain famous man decided to bring back the glory to this name – this time in the musical area. Here I should give a detailed biography of Robert ‘Litza’ Friedrich pointing out his highlights, but for those of you who don’t know him – let you just know that during past 20 years he was recorded almost 40 albums and got involved in the number of great bands – mainly most famous polish metal bands and later on specific christian projects.

Finally, Litza decided to have a project of his own and created Luxtorpeda. Created it – as he claims – out of pure love for the guitar sound. So, he took his old, great, (70s if I remember well) guitar and got to work! After gathering a few folks and recording 10 great pieces, he got another brilliant idea. Let’s invite another vocalist to make the album rock even harder! So, this spring the train got last passenger – Hans – a rapper known from 52 Dębiec (and one of the few rappers I admire). Yet since they all admired the instrumental versions of the songs so much – you can find them on album as well (a non-bonus standard version).

Only Intro didn’t get vocals but a variety of powerful riffs instead (did I already mention that Litza is said to be the best polish riff-writer?) distorted in a few complementing ways and the drums rising the epic atmosphere.
Niezalogowany (Not logged in) begins with intense music mess and a bit stonerish riffs + Litza and Hans screaming the names of... keyboard keys. The short song talks about being independent from media and now so popular social networks. 

The atmosphere of Od Zera (From Zero) is less angry, more of a metal waltz (yeah, I’d dance to this one and headbang in the middle;)) with a huge part of Hans – two types of vocals remind a chat – quite suitable, cause the lyrics talk about the relationship problems. Honestly, I can’t think of any other band saying straight that after arguments you need to start from the beginning, hope and keep fighting for common good. No moaning about broken hearts here!

Autystyczny (Autistic) continues the lyrical path – explaining that superficial lack of attention and care about somebody doesn’t mean love’s end – simply everybody needs time for themselves sometimes and men have trouble showing emotions. Music is once again rising, energetic and a bit punky with an outro rapped part by Hans brilliantly summarising the song. So far, most admired song for most of fans.

Jestem Głupcem (I’m a fool) has a great sludge/stoner base and raw guitar furious solo. Mainly rapped, but Litza’s swinging parts near end are just stunning and kind of hilarious. Lyrics – nonconformist, being faithful to our own opinions and ignoring/fighting world’s lies.

Trafiony Zatopiony (Hit, floated) enters with a dull drum and simple, cut guitar and whisper suggesting we are looking for somebody. The song burst in a slightly triumphant atmosphere – the text explains we’re winning the fight with an evil ghost who tries to bring conflicts. The chorus of this song is really catchy and I predict lots of action on the concerts despite the slower bridges.

7 razy (7 times) during a day I fall. That is: let’s talk about our daily needs, egoism, falling and rising. A little less catchy to me, but great instrumental + Hans parts – especially just after 1.40 and rhythmical, almost sensual bridge from 2.40 to 3.00.

W ciemności (In the darkness) has one of my favourite intros ever. Strong low guitar and trancing, broken rhythm plus lowly speaking Litza. I dance! Here it’s Hans who sings (!) the chorus. Talking about the difficulty of making choices in present world, easiness of addiction and lack of self-love. Simply – ever present darrrrhhhkness. 

Yet 3000 świń (3000 pigs) bring back the lighter, rock atmosphere. Oh yeah, the results of trusting fashion, governments and so on. The failure of mass that is, so they ask again: are you going your way? The tension of song changes but mainly gets tougher when vocals come in. Nice, mocking solo with lovely bass in the background.

My personal favourite and a great final – Za wolność (For freedom) introduced by an ascetic but melodic riff holds a great vocals’ talk again – quite classically hip-hop Hans and classically metal Litza together rise a patriotic atmosphere of a real hymn, slightly calmed by the guitar’s melody and – am I the only one hearing violin? Mmm, they could make me a freedom martyr as well;)

Honestly, I have no clue if it’s the lyrics or music, both or a coincidence, but I haven’t been that charmed with a polish album for a long time! /ok, I don’t count recently reviewed TfN and Blindead but these are long-time loves;)/ Now, just play somewhere near to me guys!

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