Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Jezabels - Dark Storm [2010]

Modern indie bands tend to sound very similar. So do female singers. But one aussie band stole my heart and not only because cute vocalist with her sweet lyrics wakes my inner lesbian;)

The Jezabels probably won't break Arctic Monkeys or Florence's fashion, but surely they’re one of the more interesting indie rock bands on the market. Charismatic leader with big vocal possibilities (from ethereal Emiliana Torrini-like melodies to more aggressive rock cries – I dare to say – more interesting than recently famous Adele’s...), nice emotional music and not bad kind of lyrics... Style and three eps achieved in less than 4 years.

Last year’s EP shows also more mature and complex ideas when it comes to music. Dark Storm begins with vibrating riff but soon Hayley starts singing and it becomes really spacey in the background even though separate parts of piano and guitars don’t sound very ambitious. But isn’t indie all about simple fun? The bridges between verses seem just fine, and chorus:
I took it to the dog,
Took it to the plants,
Took it to the beach,
I took it to the shark...
I found tenderness

is an example of really enchanting, catchy, very rhythmical singing. In fact the big part of melody is easily rememberable and nicely sticks to ear:)

Mace Spray on the other hand is a more serious business. Powerful classic piano part, resonating guitar, lots of nice riffs and a bit of speaking in verses. The vocal melody goes very ascetically at the beginning but suddenly bursts to the beating of the drums. Pure energy, pure beauty.

But she loves me
more than anyone who wouldn’t speak like that
she keeps mace spray
for you can’t rely on the common man

//Dunno if the vocalist has a girlfriend who had bad guys issues and can't trust men now, but I can start carrying mace spray if she’d sing this to me every evening;)

If there is supposed to be film genre ‘cinema of the road’, I’d classify Sahara Mahala as ‘the music of the road’. Hot, African sun, classic drum-line and that lovely soprano singing yet again about love!(in the desert) Mhm, and lovely piano in the end!

A Little Piece is probably the least catchy song from the album. Dreamy, with some post-rockish background at first it flows through many corridors. This song is a strong grower, maybe a little sophisticated at some higher vocal parts, but nethertheless charming. And to all girls, when you get jealous, remember, tell your loves:
All you need, honestly,
A little piece of cherry pie,
Hot from the oven.
On your knees, face me:
Cherry pie, baby!

She's So Hard – two words: That. Piano. And that passionate, bitter, especially in lyrics song-line. Again Hayley almost speaks a feministic, anti-love manifesto. Yet there is something about her voice that disagrees with ‘I’m so hard’ declaration. But don’t we all ladies pretend to be harder than we are?;) Softly subbed by drums and beautiful piano EP finishes in a really delicate, peaceful way.

Click ‘delete’ on your collection of ‘must try’ popular indie music and get yourself The Jezabels that will at least expand a bit your idea on indie and female vocal possibilities! Or try one of the videos and *see* how good they are;)


  1. I really like what you say about your "inner lesbian". That is a new one to me who is trying to figure out in my old age how bisexual am I. And in the process upsetting my parents.

  2. Thanks for your words! I'm pretty sure that I prefer boys, but still I guess that there is a part in every girl that makes us admire other women in some extend. Wish you luck and finding inner peace!:)