Friday, 10 August 2012

Murray Gold - Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack [2006]

The last couple of weeks had me being everywhere and listening more to nature than music. But since it would be impossible to completely cut off from music, I quite traditionally chose to obsess about little things. And what can be a better reason to obsess than recently discovered the best TV series ever which by the way has one of the best music scores ever? Just not to break our habit of focusing on music – let me speak a couple of words of mentioned OST, not just show. 

My adventure with the Doctor hasn't last long yet, but it's been pretty intense, which I was told is a normal condition for every at least a bit nerdy girl. I can't exactly say at which point I began to really, really love it, but I can say I loved the music since the very first episode. And though all series have perfect points (just to mention This is Gallifrey- Our Childhood, Our Home), I'll talk about the very first OST.

If you aren't a fan of film music like Zimmer, Williams, Morricone, Mansell and so on, you'd probably ask what's the point of listening to some cheeky background. Well, one thing is the amazing reminiscence of the brilliant show, the other reason is that the music itself is simply gorgeous. Sure, there is a lot of orchestra, but how interestingly arranged? 

Let's just take one of the first songs - Westminster Bridge – it's a super confident secret agent song. And Cassandra's Waltz? You can literally feel how slimy and treacherous can 'the last female in the world' be. There is a place for sweet romanticism like in Hologram or Madame De Pompadour (oh, this one was adorable!) and a sad melancholy over the fragility of life – The Face of Boe or Father's Day.

My biggest confusion is due to double meaning of Song For Ten – super accurate, cheerful music with lyrics that go from
I wish today was just like every other day
'Cause today has been the best day
Everything I ever dreamed
Well I woke up today and you're on the other side
Our time will never come again
But if you can still dream
Close your eyes it will seem
That you can see me now and then
and back again. Well, sorry, but if Doctor can jump from 'best day' to 'oh, we're apart' and again being so merry-go-roundy, our female mood swings are nothing! No wonder he drove his girls crazy!
But of course Doctor Who isn't just about emotions – it's also about epic fights and nothing adds them spirit more than songs like Unit or oriental Tooth and Claw (queen Victoria, werewolves AND eastern martial arts? How much more awesome can it get? Well, considering cutest lost Tennant and Billie Piper in jeans shorts...)

Still, my absolute favourites are cello focused, filled with pain, majestic The Impossible Planet (am I the only one getting LOTR/old China chills?) and heartbreaking Doomsday. Actually, the last got the unofficial status of my flat team's exams time hymn. Well, it was really hard to decide whether the music (and episode) are more or less depressing than poor students' reality;)

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