Monday, 22 September 2014

Emilíana Torrini - Unemployed In Summertime

I’m horribly late. Ever since the dreamy dark sixteen, I’ve been waiting for the magical time when I would be allowed to sing along ‘Unemployed In Summertime’ and REALLY mean it. Well guess what, it’s my 22nd birthday next week and the very first day of a real autumn weather here in Europe. 

Why is the age so important? In her song Emiliana praises the beauty of being unemployed 21-year-old in a summer. Well, to me 21 was neither jobless nor very summery, but the few cathartic days in mountains were enough to make me relate myself to this lovely song yet again. 

The second best thing about mountaineering is obviously lying on halls and meadows. And that is how this song feels. Tired, lazy, but blissfully calm. Combined with the simple, yet fresh melody in the background, the lyrics give an idyllic vision of this time, spent on lazy strolls, playful talks and time-killing without a bit of guilt.

Summer kisses, wandering about and the amazing confidence that being 21 you can yet do anything. You can straighten up the paths, fill them with good people and amazing experiences. And you still don’t have to obsess about things that don’t stick, you can put money last on list of important things, screw your make-up and simply enjoy little things. 

But hey, guess what, readers and older me. Even when you’re 22, 25, 30 or 40. These things above, Emiliana’s summer, they should be your summer and winter. Your every day’s recipe to be happy. So off you wander!

*The song comes from the wonderful album: Love in the Time of Science.

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