Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Crib45 - Metamorphosis [2009]

Some music requires our patience. Some requires growing up and developing more subtle sensitivity. It took me about 6 years to fully appreciate Crib45’s Metamorphosis. Man, have I grown.

There are 3 things that can make or break a rising post metal band. An idea for riffs and melody, interesting drums and sensible vocals(&lyrics). Crib45 gets an A in this class. There are also 3 things that can make or break any genre. Idea, mystery and emotion. As you may guess, they get an A in this one too. So, all you need to do is understand the importance of these points and go listen. Or you can read further as I prove them right;)

As an IT girl and a feminist I should find it hard to say – but this is truly an unbelievably male (and positive in this masculinity) album. Not just because few girls enjoy post metal, but because it presents a very (clever kind of) male approach to words and to the music (little emotion, but how intense). Even though the message shows pain and vulnerability, it is packed in a strong, confident and not at all aggressive sounds. And well, considering the title, I like to see this story as telling of passage from boy to man.

The album opens with The Chant, a song alike its’ title – glorious, harmonious and with a slight touch of monastery atmosphere. And this is a right feeling, as the lyrics are a call – to be guided, guarded, led, redeemed and liberated. The journey towards transformation begins when you manage to focus, liberate your thoughts and allow guidance. 

And when you move to Passage you are clear to explore your mind and to be reborn. The confident force that is waking corresponds well with the inner sense of harmony (the amazing distorted guitar bridges).
Zahir, The Ghosts Among Me and Province are the core and the heart of the composition. Like a male heart they seem harsh at first, only to reveal an incredible strength and sensitivity of spirit and surrender to the pain that few men would admit to feel. Zahir is almost a ballad with moving chorus, reflection on the “ferocious gravity” and rise from despair to hope. 

The Ghosts Among Me is a passionate tale of guitars and drums broken by a sensual wind solo that subtly visualizes that inside the stability of main phrase
They still haunt me
The words that never left me

Province (of the soul) is the most complex composition with its dreamy, almost post-rocky roaming through these distant lands, the struggle with the night, road and abandonment and incredible saxophone hymn of hope. This trip is the essence of masculinity to me. Or of a journey. Or both.

The Last Breath despite its serious, and seemingly depressing sound shows that life lasts as long as you work on it, as you build and construct and improve what you are. Well, what’s more liberating than building yourself?

This weird interpretation of mine might not appeal to you, but seriously, go listen. And when you enjoy it, check the follow-up Marching Through The Borderlines. We should make them as loved as Cult of Luna, I'm telling you!


  1. Aś tu wraca! / Happy, happy, happy. / Jak zawsze, / review full of emotions. / Nie może być inaczej, jak tylko wcisnąć / play./ Dzięki!

  2. Jak mi miło, że jeszcze kogoś swoją paplaniną cieszę! :*

  3. http://screamingintoabyss.blogspot.fi/2013/02/i-will-heal-as-soon-as-pain-allowes-me_21.html?m=1

    1. Thank you for helping me understand and feel the vision even better<3

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