Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Millhaven [2010]

Today I focus not exactly on music, since  Millhaven is a short movie (or music video) prepared by polish young director - Bartek Kulas and a great singer - Katarzyna Groniec.
Together they created a variation on Nick Cave's song The Curse of Millhaven - unique both in picture and sound. It's a song from Murder Ballads and tells a story of 15-year old Loretta (or like she prefered - Lottie) who secretely pleasures herself by killing citizens of the town.

Animation is not the most common choice of presenting horror stories, but Kulas succeeded in creating a nice pressure. In fact the film is mainly about watching the girl's dance - changing, as she's becoming more and more cruel. Yet the small details like spiders surrounding her or madly spinning hair make it even more dramatic.
As for music - Ms Groniec wasn't called one of the greatest singing actresses in vain. Her voice, accompanied by simple, ascetic piano is really thrilling and makes me think she must have been aware of how could insane girl feel and speak. I also assume that choosing to sing the song in polish was a great decision - our susurrous language is perfect for mysterious, desperate monologues.

I enjoy this little 'horror' a lot and it gives me thrills every time I watch it, which is probably more than 10 times during last 3 days;) Serve yourself!

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  1. coś się tu zmieniło :O
    a co do tomiku: jedno z możliwych źródeł dofinansowania powiedziało papa! czyli - odmowa z biura pani poseł Łukacijewskiej. niezbyt możesz pomóc. czekam na odpowiedź jeszcze 4 osób, w tym ze szkoły (w co też wątpię) i mam jeszcze jeden kontakt. no cóż. raz pod wozem, raz na wozie. mam nadzieję, że jednak będę na wozie.