Monday, 28 March 2011

Archive - Noise [2004]

I have a feeling that of all great Archive albums Noise gets relatively the smallest attention. Usually when I ask people about their favourite I hear Controlling Crowds, You All Look The Same To Me, Lights or eventually Londinium. Well, is last album with Walker any worse than those? More difficult in understanding? Let’s wonder for a while.

(Think of it as a horse ride;))The trip begins with heavy, pessimistic Noise – one of lyrical highlights in Archive’s satchel – I said heavy, but the base is just acoustic guitar and Craig’s voice. The air gets thicker when drums appear and Griffith and Keeler introduce their toys. My favourite example of perfect growing.

Fuck U is next to Again the most famous Archive song. The question is why a simple counting-out game song gets so much more popular than much better musically, impressive, emotional songs? Well, to me answer is simple – honesty. Walker manages to recite so naturally that it seems like he’s coming up with all the names the moment he says them. And again – a great lyric, that everybody can “sing” when upset or angry.

After this shaky start Waste takes a little slowdown and gives us a 9minute peaceful, break (watching coutryside) with second part slightly rising. Sleep may be seen as a dreamy lullaby, but it is one of the more beautiful, calm – and despite all signs – optimistic tunes created by this band. After passing bridge Here we find ourselves about to be thrown out (Get out [!]) of our saddles by happily aggressive Walker. It’s a very nice song, but can be startling why one would be so enthusiastic with getting rid of people...

Yet we only come close to the real “ridding of” part – Conscience is a prayer-like (lyrically and musically) ask for God to take our conscience away “so we can float away” – well, looks like Archive doesn’t feel so good after kicking everybody out...

Pulse is my least favourite, very electronic song with unnatural –to me annoying – vocal. I guess they aren’t exactly fond of this song, since it’s always sing by girls on concerts and further releases. Wrong is another acoustic bridge, quite charming with – thank God! – natural Walker’s voice again. This atmosphere continues in Love Song – um, with exception for middle 2 minutes being another electronic-distorted variation – warm, optimistic tune.

After a long ride finally it’s Me And You /the hardest part/ - the beautiful part, when anger, fear, sadness and loneliness are overcame and we managed to deal with them somehow. Slowly developing song – from piano and soft vocals, through a waltz like passionate singing, to stunning instrumental outro with guitars in an untypical harmony. Perfection. Once again.

Noise isn’t the easiest way to get to know and enjoy Archive, but it’s such an amazing album, that all “fans” shall give it a couple of chances to grow on them – it can be very generous to old friends. Charming, admire!

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  1. You just made me love Noise all over again :)