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Nachtmystium - Black Meddle: Assassins [2008] + Addicts [2009]

Metal on acid? Misters Blake Judd and Pat McCormick must reaaaally like little colourfull pills, since a few years ago they switched orthodox ‘pray Dark Lord’ black metal for ‘pray Jim&Syd’ metal. I’d like to show you some of their weirdo rides recorded on Black Meddle – parts I&II that is Assassins and Addicts.

One characteristic thing about Nachtmystium – they love intros. On Assassins it’s not really remarkable, but Addicts' Cry For Help is darkly impressive with its screamed-spelled “Nothing hurts more than being born”. But focusing on Assassins, the second song being the title one is a mad drive with interesting, psychedelic keys (just 3 notes, but what a change they create!) and trance vibrations and splutters that are totally Pink Floyd inspired. It leads you to Ghost Of Grace with prog-like riffs and metal rock&roll rhythm – also slightly distorted vocals and buzzing.

Away From The Light is a mellotron, lowly breathing bridge that with its horror atmosphere reminds me of Septic Flesh’s Android. Your True Enemy is more of a pure black metal fury with great growling, whereas Code Negative turns again into more avant-garde experimental way. Personally, it’s one of my headlights from this album – two-parted -  firstly, delicate sway with great usage of whispers and then – beautiful guitar uprising riff that could easily exist on Pink Floyd Anno Domini 2008;) Omnivore is a medicine story “This prescription -  force-fed freedom” is halfway between metal fury and hidden oriental melodies.

Trilogy Seasick finishes the album and it’s a really splendid finale. Part I - Drowned At Dusk is an acoustic, slightly western-like riff with ambient electronic background, well, that may seem boring, but is a really enchanting psychedelic drive. Part II - Oceanborne is a rapid, energetic talk between jazzy and a little canteen-like guitar and saxophone suddenly interrupted by UFO police that must have demanded Silent Sunrise. That one as a third part culminates and gathers all elements of album – psycho joy, buzzing, all kinds of guitars&drums and newly welcomed – clean drunk vocals (however ridiculous it sounds). Again a lovely riff leads you from 2nd minute to the splendid end of magnificent Assassins: Black Meddle Part I.

Addicts is much different from almost cheerful and psychedelic Assassins. The Toolish intro I already mentioned is followed by High On Hate – desperate, dark and sad tune with maybe a bit too epic conclusion... Yet Nightfall repairs slightly bad impression – mainly thanks to broken, light rhythm and well suiting distorted screams and catchy combo of riff and chorus. Unfortunately No Funeral is another attempt of persuading you to a bit naive melody, full of pathos and not really convincing... still again - Then Fires slightly rises the level , taking you to the sad-land that’s gonna show you some depressive lyrics and Tiamat-like guitar solo.

I wonder if the point of this album was to show what addiction makes with bands – which could mean them getting more predictable and mass public-orientated. Addicts is another catchy tune with screamed chorus that must be really loved by the audience on concerts. It has also some nice guitars and background – too bad that this song is slightly overcrowded and some of these goodies are hardly hearable.

If I was beginning to lose my faith in Nachtmystium – The End Is Eternal proved me wrong. This complex, multi-layered song is one of the album’s bests, powerful riffs and certain pendulum sound that gives a whole new dimension to the song. Blood Trance Fusion is a psychedelic metal game – counting out while analysing addiction and chasing while “hungry” for more. Paradoxically happy while on the bottom seems to say Ruined Life Continuum – it’s not the most innovative song, but has certain charm, that may make you really like it.

Every Last Drop is an eargasm. Deeply sorrowful, with massive guitar&electronics base and over it – building up swinging, changing vocals, out-tuned guitars giving an impression of hurt animal, and wailing crowd... so rapidly passing 8 minutes.

Addicts: Black Meddle Part II may seem a bit worse than Assassins, in a way that it’s less experimental, but more catchy, but I think that both albums are worth checking out, even just to fall in love with one song=)

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