Friday, 22 April 2011

Caspian - You Are The Conductor [2005]

Ages ago, when I started using and the radio was free to everyone, I discovered an interesting young creation from a faraway America that introduced me to never-ending land of post rock. Those guys called themselves Caspian long before the name started to be connected with cute Ben Barnes and their fans have much cooler tattoos, than Ben’s groupies. Gathered in 2003, two years later they debuted with a fascinating ep You Are The Conductor.

Post-rock bands are usually divided into more specific sections by adding prefix – ambient or shoegaze or by calling them post-rock/post-metal. The new ones are also classified by the “giant band” whose path they try to follow – meaning mainly Giaa or GY!BE. I won’t try to do that for Caspian, cause they seem to be quite in between – diverse – even on the first “shy” record, which by the way got a lot of fans and even some followers – inspiration with this ep is quite well hearable in calmer parts of Tides From Nebula’s debut.

But focusing on the record: YATC begins with – let me call it so – a trilogy Quovis-Further Up-Further In. Combined into one song, those three pieces were gaining Caspian fans on and in fact, they work perfectly as a wholeness. Quovis is an intro meaning “to whatever place you will” in Latin, Further Up is growing to a culmination and Further In – a certain calmer. Though it’s hard to call this song “calm” as together they make a real optimistic energy bomb.

Loft is a two-parter, starting in an idyllic atmosphere (seriously, I gotta listen to it while sailing or something) and finishing in a quite explosive way. For Protection is very ambientish interlude before Last Rites that seems to be slightly inspired with GY!BE... Slow passages, light, pulsating drums and then growing shaky pressure... back to the sailing and final tip-toeing notes.

No conlusion this time apart from: just try it&love it.

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