Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Insomnium - One For Sorrow [2011]

Do you still remember April’s pretty days and that amazing single of Insomnium? We used to excite about little bit as it set the level so high, that One For Sorrow grew to be one of the most awaited albums. But so did a couple of others, that disappointed horribly – shall I even mention Hericrap? My nerves were in pieces as October came and it wasn’t at all due to studies’ begin. Did they manage the pressure???? Well, I’ll figure out for you.

Insomnium got us used to little introductions that help to focus all attention on them (doing 10things at a time may bring you to leaving unprofessional traces in professional works (silly comments in codes for example:P:P) or forgetting that your tomorrow’s dinner is yet on cooker... sec!) Well, Inertia is a really nice intro with a motive that will appear  in latter parts of album. To be honest, after hearing the album a couple of times I get excited about this part immediately (mhm, reminds of favourite song!).

Through the Shadows is a classic Insomnium medley original mainly because of extra vocals – sounding like metal version of gospel rock support. It’s a frapping song, as it’s really catchy, but making me question their seriousness on HOW catchy they want to sound. The song seems to lack balance a bit, yet it’s a piece of good fun.

Song of the Blackest Bird is however a declaration – it’s still us kids! – low-voiced whispers, melancholic bridges and this overwhelming power they are so unique to provide! Nothing new, but that’s what we love in them.

Ha, but don’t you think they don’t change! Only One Who Waits begins almost trashy and keeps high pace with minor exceptions – that synth use really made me think of Amorphis – yet it’s drums that are biggest hero in here.  If their concerts rock this much, shame on them for avoiding me!

A promo single – Unsung – is a furious song of frustrated, to-be-forgotten artist. A usual, epic composition with especially beautiful bridge
Only the frail words
Written in the stone
Retell my name anymore

How do we love this voice!
After madly growled Every Hour Wounds comes a calm, acoustic Decoherence – a cold stream between cracking rocks xd

It seems to me, that despite their energy, Insomnium must be very lazy guys, since they always make great songs with word ‘lay’ in titles. I loved Lay Of The Autumn, and I love Lay The Ghost To Rest – its melody, growls, drums and lyrics. For a moment I associate ‘lay’ with other words than ‘I’d love to lay down and sleep, just for a while’. Poor us, tired students.

But they make me Regain The Fire and my spirit screams with them
Destined to find my own way
To create the path to follow
And the scars of tomorrow
Will make you bleed only today

And the rain keeps falling
Pouring down from the sky
Washing footmarks from the mire
Leaving no trace behind

Oh, and that beautiful guitar combo in the end<3 Wake up, the best part of the album has began!

One For Sorrow is the highlight of the album. It’s growled, but  quite calm. The lyric is heartbreaking, two lines of vocals in verses blend into perfect harmony, subtly strengthened by deep, low  drums, even the simplicity of guitars seems a huge advantage. In one word – a masterpiece. Song I can listen to hundred times with getting bored. Thank you, Insomnium!

A bit unfortunately, the album doesn’t hang on this last, highly emotional notes, but remind of April’s single – Weather the Storm. My opinion hasn’t changed and you can find it in earlier post. I could only say I wish they put it somewhere before title song;)

How should I value this album then? They don’t bring revolution, yet I really like it. It’s hard to compare it with their earlier, pretty mature works (it's not as flawless as Across the Dark and has hardly as good songs as Last Statement) but none should feel ashamed, Insomnium is one of the few bands that may use mostly old tricks and a couple of new melodies and make a really solid thing that will make all of us headbang.. I’m in for it, rock on!

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  1. brilliantly done :-). I always wonder how these Finnish artists come up with such fine works. There is this perfect blend of melody, brutality and lyrics.

    But somehow this album didnt quite overshadow Across The Dark, agreed.