Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kwoon - The Guillotine Show [2011]

There won’t be much blabling today as the modest author is surrounded with lots of issues, not even closely connected to music. But a tiny, stubborn albumito forces its way through science books and demands attention. Well, how could one resist this temptation? Especially for you – The Guillotine Show of Kwoon – or the main suspect in the case ‘how come J. got an F from physics?

The execution is opened with church bells – did you pray well, my dear reader? be sorry for your sins and ask God for mercy as you walk your last steps. When we think of death it’s always a bit surrealistic and therefore the scary-cabaret-light flow of our song perfectly catches the atmosphere. A show after all, isn’t it? Are you scared..? I’m terrified, but with the spicy noise and sweet vocals and the way they combine.

Wark could be a first encounter in the afterworld. Ethereal, peaceful melody and beautiful lyrics
Hello, my friend, let’s go and forget
but also a bit of an emotional, post-rockish instrumental clash. If you ever get a chance – and I bet you shall, they do lots of tours now – you should hear that break live. Quite a hypnotising experience, guess myself kept staggering for a good week willing to forget everything but that tune...

Like an answer to shaky walk comes The Last Trip Of A Drunken Man – a cute, cute song I’m gonna sing to my kids someday:)) Kwoon has a luck to have 2-3 really good guitarist that make little wonders and a charming Mr Drummer (greetings from my bf!) who plays lovely effects on this one.

Emily Was a Queen so she got an enthusiastic support from the band. Though to me it’s a bit weird to sing ‘I feel down, so down’ while making such a merry noise, oh I love how Sandy’s leading his voice and Yoann has a really nice bassline pulsating with drums so nicely, that my heart will never slow too much down.

But getting to the guillotine isn’t a nice experience. Even if you accept your fate and step onto landing yourself, there stays some sadness. But be a Bird, my love, find a tree, heal your wounds and sing all your hope, despair and regret aloud. This song is a tear jerker, but it’s so mindblowingly beautiful! No other words from me!

The EP contains also acoustic version of I Lived On The Moon – the best hit of band so far (if you haven’t heard it yet, google video, NOW!) – it’s not better than original and I dare to say I like Wark equally and Bird incomparably more, still, nice accent, guys! See you again next year, as you promised! With a full album this time;)

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