Monday, 26 March 2012

Opium Dream Estate - Unveiled [2011]

It's a cold sunny day and I'm sitting at the door of the balcony of my ancient house. The hot coffee in my cup gets colder as I drown in my thoughts and sounds. It's been a good while since I told you a story of my musical adventures, so you might wonder what weird direction they'd take this time. Let me give you a hint – as winter winded away, I was reminded of a certain interesting project – Opium Dream Estate, and it's their new album that blew my mind today.

The easiest way to describe this music would be to call it dark neofolk, and indeed it has the special cold and solemn sound of that genre. It is a very old-fashioned music, kind of soundtrack you imagine reading Victorian books.

The opening intro creates quite dark atmosphere, but it soon gets balanced by more oriental and trancing melodies as Entwined unrolls. I wouldn't say it's the music very original in its genre, but it gives a really nice, moving shade to long, cold afternoon and I bet it'd make a thrilling effect during late evening discover-your-gothic-city walks.

In the whole record, my personal favourites are vibrant, mysterious An English Garden and Solace – more idyllic, happy-spirited song that I still remember enchanted me on previous EP of the band - Through The White Landscape.

Another interesting composition is made out of Wherever The Wind May Blow – a mixture of dark, industrial loops and guitar's consonance. It's also hard to resist melancholic charm of My Evening Tea and the cover of Dead Can Dance's In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated– probably one of the best versions I've heard.

My head is still too busy to write a lot of words, but if you enjoy dark side of the music, you must try Unveiled and use your work break for some sweet, dark dreams.


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  2. Que revisiĆ³n tan buena! Me encantan tus palabras que se mezclan con sonidos que ahora estoy escuchando. El ambiente increible! Gracias por tu recomendacion. Voy a pasar muchos dias y muchas noches con esta musica.

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