Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Last Days - When The Tomorrow Is a Grey Day [2010]

This Easter-time made me feel really melancholic and rediscovering old treasures. I read old favourite books, watch even older movies and remind old friends. Among many oldies visiting my player, I got really surprised by The Last Days – amazingly atmospheric black/ambient project. Their debut When The Tomorrow Is a Grey Day is almost 2 years old, but today it impressed me just like back in my high school times.

They themselves describe their music as 'Cold, grey and urban music.' Well said. If you already discovered growing giants of the so called 'post black metal', 'blackwave' or 'black shoegaze' like Les Discrets and friends, you'll definitely enjoy The Last Days. The album is just 5 songs, but they manage to make 35 minutes last long enough to go visit dreamland and backwards.

I shall probably talk about all songs to fully express their beauty and maturity, but let me just focus on the core, as the shorter song make more of an instrumental wrapping on the gift.  Make The Change...Are Your Last Days is to me a great picture of city at night and reflections we all make while facing that time. Melancholic passages, shadowing guitars and the omnipresent feeling of being overwhelmed by a dark, depressive power.

Soul Of City on the contrary takes up a fight. It opens in delicate riffs to soon make a drastic move towards its doom – a cry, a struggle and inner headbanging. Indeed, don't they say a spirit of city is battle? This song is a pure, beautiful, sad fight. A fight with urban lifestyle of consumption and hurry, a fight with feeling empty. An everlasting war with what Baudelaire once called spleen.

Still my personal favourite is The Time Will Never Come Back – slowly unfolding, with nicely drawing drums and simple but charming riffs, reminding me how beautiful can a mixture of post rock and black metal get.


  1. I love this genre as well. Gonna check them out. btw nice read :)

  2. I think you shall enjoy it:)